How to Create and Rock The Best Street Style Outfit This Winter

Okay okay, some of you might be thinking, “what the heck is street style?”

Street style fashion is a broad term that refers to a certain style or fashion that didn’t come from the fashion industry but started in a particular subculture or individual. All that means is that street style is fashion that came from society and influenced the fashion industry rather than coming from the fashion industry and influencing what we wear.

Technically what you wear everyday is street style, and I’m going to show you how you can upgrade your street style for this Winter and Spring.

I know when you’re getting started with fashion it can be extremely daunting and confusing, especially if you have no idea where to start, you don’t have anyone to learn from and you aren’t quite sure how to navigate a fashion magazine but trust me, learning about fashion and being stylish doesn’t have to be hard!

So that’s why I created my free email course, Capsule Creation!

This course, in addition to being completely free, goes over the ins and outs of creating your own capsule wardrobe that’s filled with clothes you love and fit your personal style all the way from the most basic information you need to know and walks you through the process of detoxing your closet and finding the perfect color palette.

In the course I will each you:

  • How to set goals for your capsule wardrobe and why they’re important
  • The best way to clear out your closet and downsize
  • The basics you need to create a solid foundation for your capsule wardrobe
  • How to create variety in your outfits with less pieces
  • How to assess and evaluate your capsule wardrobe at the end of each season

Throughout the entire course I will guide you and help you get started with a capsule wardrobe and give you all the information you need to know to always look fashionable.

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Fashion for beginner. Have you ever wondered about street style and how you can incorporate it in your closet and wardrobe?

Street Style: Use what you have already

When you’re creating any kind of outfit you want to make sure that you first do inventory and figure out what you already have available to use before you go out and buy a bunch of pieces you think you need.

You should create the base of your outfit using items and pieces that you already have in your closet.

Then you can get trendy pieces to fill in the gaps you have once you have the foundation of your outfit set.

If you’re low on basics or foundational pieces then I definitely recommend investing in those first.

When it comes to street style color is extremely important! I like to go with bright, eye catching colors but this isn’t necessarily a requirement.

You can incorporate color through your accessories and trendy or vintage pieces or if your basic pieces fall into the colorful category then you can work with that as well.

Some really popular colors for this Spring are bright yellows and pinks so try incorporating these while also sprinkling some complimentary colors in.

With pink some good complimentary colors are green and pale blues. With yellow you can try to incorporate a little bit of purple which is a great complimentary color.

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Street Style: Think “eye-catching”

I mentioned the importance of having eye-catching pieces and colors before but it isn’t all about color. There are a lot of different ways to grab someone’s attention with your outfit that have nothing to do with it’s color.

The most common ones being the silhouette of the outfit and, of course, the print.

You want to incorporate different silhouettes and prints in street style because it’s not your typically 9 – 5 outfits.

This kind of fashion is meant to turn heads while at the same time looking trendy but effortless and throwing a nice print onto your outfit can really pull it together.

So let’s talk about the silhouette.

The silhouette of an outfit basically refers to the overall line or shape that an outfit creates.

There are three main silhouettes that I see a lot in street style outfits and those are empire, sheath and A-line.

I recommend having a mixture of these different types of silhouettes in your wardrobe to create a little variety in your outfits.

Empire silhouette

The waistline for this silhouette is higher, usually just below the bust area, and then there is a slight flare.

This silhouette would work really well if you don’t have a defined waist or if you lack the “hourglass figure” but anyone can wear this style and rock it so don’t be confined to the “rules” of fashion.

A-line silhouette

For this silhouette the chest and torso area is fitted but there is a slight flare in the skirt which creates a clean line down to the end of the garment and results in a “A” like shape.

The silhouette generally works well for any body type so feel free to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Sheath silhouette

The sheath silhouette is when the outfit is fitted all the way from the chest area down to the thighs with no flaring.

Generally you see this silhouette on slimmer women but it is perfectly acceptable for curvier women to incorporate this silhouette as well.

Really whatever you feel comfortable in, you have a right to wear and this “rules” are really just generalized guidelines.

So like I mentioned before you can have multiple silhouettes in your wardrobe and the variety will make for an interesting combination.

Now let’s move on the print.

There are so many great prints you can incorporate into your wardrobe that you can pair with your basic pieces to make an outfit that will really stand out.

Here’s a few that you can choose from:

Flores (of course)



Polka dots


I wouldn’t recommend having an outfit full of print because there is a land called Overkill and you do not want to visit.

But adding in a pop of print can really pull an outfit together and take something simple and make it look really nice and chic.

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Street Style: Don’t be afraid to switch things out for some trendier pieces

So you’ve taken all this time creating this specific outfit and you really love it but then you find a rogue piece in your closet or you’re walking by a storefront and you see the perfect accessory and you’re torn because you’ve already created this beautiful ensemble.

Remember that it’s okay to switch things out and mix and match your pieces.

Just because an outfit might be “perfect” you can always incorporate a little variety by adding a different accessory or switching up the color or replacing the plaid with a snakeskin shoe (faux of course).

And the same is true for your basic pieces. You really can’t go wrong with staples so even if your outfit is really heavy on the trendier items you can scale back and replace some with more basic items like a simple black tank or some dark denim jeans.

The goal with this outfit is to look trendy without looking like you really tried that hard which can seem difficult and daunting but you have to remember that fashion is supposed to be fun so if it feels stressful or feels like work then try taking a step back and revisit it later with fresh eyes.

Just remember any outfit can variety when you have some nice timeless pieces and a few trendy items you can move back and forth between.

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Street Style: Make sure you’re still keeping your style

So now that we’ve talked all about how to create a street style outfit and what the best practices are it’s time that we go over the most important part..


The goal of this is to capitalize on your style so you want to make sure that, no matter what kind of outfit you decide to create, it feels and looks like you and that it’s something that you’re going to be proud of and want to wear.

I know it can be tempting to pop open a fashion magazine and try to carbon copy every outfit your see the celebrities wearing but if you do that you’re going to be watering down your personal style with someone else’s.

If you like how a certain outfit looks and it fits in with your personal style then by all means have at it but I don’t want you to re-create a look just because a celebrity was wearing it in a magazine or on a red carpet.

Basically the moral of the story is don’t lose who you are to copy someone else’s style, take something and make it your own so that when people see your outfits there’s no denying or debating about who the designer is.

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Okay! That’s all for this post!

I know fashion can seem like this big elusive thing that’s only reserved for a select few who “know what they’re doing” but your personal style is fashion too.

Just because you aren’t walking runways or gracing the cover of Vogue doesn’t mean you can’t set trends and be fashion forward.

With a little bit of practice I’m sure you’ll be cranking out runway worthy outfits in your sleep!

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