Skin Care Secrets To Give You Model Skin That is Flawless and Healthy

Hello, beauties! Today we’re going to be talking about skin care secrets.

I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and I have struggled with it for years. But recently I have discovered some specific tips and tricks that work really well for my skin and I think they will be helpful for others like me.

I’ll be honest, there really is only one skincare secret that you have to know so you can see real results with your skin.

You have to be diligent in applying the things that you learn. That’s the secret.

Learn everything you can about your skin and dedicate yourself to figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t.

That’s the secret, and clear skin is possible for everyone.

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Without further adieu let’s get into the post!

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how you can clear up your scne prone skin | skin care secrets

Skin care secrets

Don’t touch your face

When you touch your face throughout the day you risk transferring the bacteria from your hands to your face. This can trigger breakouts.

Touching your face can also spread the bacteria that is already on your face.

This isn’t the only factor when it comes to preventing breakouts but limiting the amount of bacteria you have on your face can definitely be helpful if you have acne prone skin.

Think about all the nasty surfaces you touch every day, door handles, keyboards, the ground, do you really want those germs to be on your face?

Use coconut oil as a pre-cleanse instead of makeup wipes

Coconut oil is an all-around amazing substance but I really enjoy using it as a pre-cleanse to remove my makeup before I actually cleanse my skin.

Before you get worried about clogged pores, don’t, using coconut oil to remove your makeup won’t clog your pores.

The reason coconut oil is so great at removing makeup is because it breaks up water-resistant substances like eyeliner and mascara.

I take a decent amount of the oil and massage it between my fingers before I massage it all over my face, including my eyes.

Then I take a baby wipe and remove the oil along with all of my makeup. And viola! No makeup!

Don’t forget to wash your face afterwards!

Have a skincare routine

I have mentioned this before but you must have a proper skincare routine if you want to improve the look and feel of your skin.

I have an entire post on crafting the perfect skincare routine for your specific skin type but I will give you an outline here.

1. Pre-cleanse (optional)
2. Cleanse
3. Exfoliate
4. Tone
5. Serums
6. Eye and neck creams
7. Moisturizer
8. Sunscreen
9. Lip balm

There are some steps you don’t need to do. For example, I don’t use serums or eye and neck creams but again this mostly depends on your skin type so make sure you figure that out first.

Drink water

Your body is mostly made up of water which means when you drink it you’re replenishing your body’s storage which is good for every system in your body but it’s especially good for your skin.

Drinking water every day is essential for keeping your skin moisturized.

Drinking a good amount of water every day is a great way to clear up your skin because it will rid your body of toxins.

Drinking water can also make your skin appear brighter.

Although drinking water isn’t an instant fix for acne it will help and it’s good for your body’s overall health.


You may not have thought about how exercise can help clear up your skin but just like drinking water it has many added health benefits for your skin and your entire body.

Exercise can help ease stress and regulate your mood. Stress can cause breakouts so it’s important that you try your best to keep it to a minimum.

Exercise can also reduce signs of aging by increasing the flow of oxygen to your skin and it helps with collagen growth.

Exercise improves your quality of sleep. while you’re sleeping your skin regenerates so if you are getting a better quality of sleep then the better your skin can heal itself.

Eat better

The food that you put into your body will affect how it looks and how well it works. So if all you eat is crap then your skin is going to reflect that.

There are a few foods you can add to your diet that will improve the look and feel of your skin.

Foods that are high in vitamin C are great for collagen production which helps keep your skin from aging too fast.

Leafy greens are great for helping your skin regenerate and produce new cells.

Salmon is great for helping with wrinkles.

Don’t go product crazy

It is extremely important that you have a sold skin care routine if you want clear skin but at the same time, you want to make sure that you aren’t overloading your skin with so much product.

If you use too many products on your skin you risk clogging your pores especially if you aren’t using products that work well for your skin type.

Use what you need and what makes your skin feel the best but don’t go crazy and try every product under the sun just because you can.

Chill out

Stress is a part of life and it can have a terrible effect on your skin.

Stress doesn’t necessarily cause acne but it can be a trigger because of cortisol, the hormone your body produces when you’re stressed.

This hormone can cause your body to produce more oil which can cause your skin to break out more than usual.

Too much stress can also make it more difficult for your skin to heal itself properly.

Some ways you can keep your stress low is through exercising or meditation. I personally enjoy both of these activities and I can say that they really work.

And that’s all for this post beauties.

I hope these tips help you out on your journey to clear skin.

Remember, nothing will work if you don’t take the time to make it work. Even if it seems like you aren’t making progress, trust me, every step you take forward and every mistake you make will still push your forward to your goal.

Also remember, the better you take care of your skin then the better your makeup will look underneath it. So if your goal is to create a better canvas for your makeup then you should make sure you’re paying close attention to your skin and it’s care.

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