5 DIY Face Masks With Only 2 Ingredients That Will Clear and Improve Your Skin

Hello beauties! Today we are going to be talking about DIY face masks that can improve the look and feel of your skin.

The best part about these masks is that they all have two ingredients which you probably already have lying around in your house somewhere.

In my DIY sugar scrubs post, I mentioned how much more cost efficient it is if you make your own skin care products instead of buying them from the store.

It’s also better for your skin because the ingredients will be natural and not something that was cooked up in a factory.

It’s the same thing for face masks.

If you’ve never used a face mask before, it’s basically a treatment you use for your skin and each mask does something different so it really depends on your skins specific needs.

There are face masks for moisture, exfoliating, healing with acne, clearing up dark spot, skin tightening and a lot more.

When you make your own face mask you can create something custom that is perfect for your skin type and what your skin needs.

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I’m going to show you 10 of my favorite DIY face masks in this post but feel free to make your own.

Without further adieu, let’s get into to these DIY face masks!

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5 diy face masks to give your skin extra hydration. Use these natural diy face masks in your skin care routine

DIY Face Masks

Honey & Turmeric face mask

The first DIY face mask on our list is a honey and turmeric mask.

This face mask is great for people who have acne prone skin or problem areas they want to clear up.

Turmeric is a great ingredient for this face mask because it’s been used for treating acne and help speed along healing.

Turmeric is also helpful in treating rosacea.

Be careful when using this mask because the turmeric can stain your clothing and skin.

It isn’t permanent though so don’t worry about that too much but after you use this mask you will want to cleanse your skin so you can get rid of the tint.

You can find the recipe for this face mask here!

Deep pore cleansing mask

This mask is one of my favorites because it cleanses deep down into your pores and makes them look smaller which is great for when I want to wear makeup.

This mask is also great for restoring your skin’s natural pH balance which will help clear up your problem areas.

This mask will also make your skin look smoother and healthier which is always a plus especially if you wear a lot of makeup like I do.

I like to use this mask just before I go to sleep because it’s great for helping with cell regeneration.

You can find the recipe for this face mask here!

Avocado & Honey face mask

This next face mask has two of my favorite ingredients, avocado, and honey.

In case you haven’t noticed, honey is great for your skin.

It’s a natural humectant which means it can pull moisture from the air. This is great for people who have really dry skin or combination skin.

Avocado is also really great for your skin.

Avocado has so many vitamins and nutrients that are super helpful for your skin. In addition, avocado is great for smoothing your skin and also has moisturizing properties.

The recipe for this face mask can be found here!

Papaya & Lemon Juice face mask

This next mask might sound a little weird but bear with me here.

Papaya is a great ingredient for clearing up your skin. It works by gently exfoliating the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells.

Papaya is also good for smoothing the skin and helping to combat wrinkles.

Lemon is great for improving the skin because it has skin lightening properties. So if you have any acne scars or dark spots this mask will help with that.

Since this mask is an exfoliating mask I use it about once or twice a week if I don’t use a sugar scrub instead.

You can find the recipe for this face mask here!

Hydrating face mask

The last mask on our list is a hydrating face mask. Since I have dry skin I like to do this mask pretty often to make sure my skin gets enough moisture and hydration.

Also, if your skin is prone to peeling then this mask will work great for you.

We’ve talked about avocado before but I neglected to mention that avocados are full of antioxidants which are really great for helping to heal your skin.

Olive oil is amazing for your hair but it’s also pretty great for moisturizing your skin as well.

Olive oil is also great for dissolving dirt which means it can cleanse deep down in your pores.

Even though there is oil in this recipe this face mask will work on many different skin types.

I’ll use this mask two to three times per week and it works really well for me.

You can find the recipe for this DIY face mask here!

I enjoy making my own skin care products because I know it’s going to be helpful for my skin since there are no strange ingredients that might irritate my skin.

Face masks are a great way to add extra hydration to your skin or clear up any problem areas you might be having.

DIY face masks and sugar scrubs are a big part of my self-care and beauty routine.

I like to turn it into my own little mini spa and take some time for myself to relax and unwind.

This is also a great way to help clear up your skin since many people suffer from breakouts due to stress. Taking some time in your week to pamper yourself is a good way to combat stress breakouts.

Well beauties, that’s all for this post!

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5 easy diy face masks. The natrual way to give your skin some extra hydration and clear up your skin 5 diy face masks with only 2 ingredients 5 natural diy face masks with only 2 ingredients. Improve your skin by using these 5 diy face masks in your skin care routine Improve your skin with these 5 diy face masks 5 DIY Face Masks With Only 2 Ingredients That Will Clear and Improve Your Skin

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