The Best Curly Hair Hacks To Keep Your Curls Flawless And Make Your Life Easier

Hello, beauties! Today, we’re talking about curly hair hacks.

So if you have curly hair then you know the struggle can sometimes be so real.

There’s so much that goes into having curly hair and keeping it vibrant and healthy. You have to shampoo, condition, deep condition, moisturize, seal, detangle, honestly it’s a process.

But today I’m going to be giving you some curly hair hacks that will hopefully make things a little easier for you because trust me, I understand the struggle.

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Without further adieu let’s jump in!

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How i take care of my curls without going crazy | curly hair hacks

Curly hair hacks

Using a colander as a diffuser

For those of you who like to use a diffuser to dry your hair, this is for you!

If you ever lose your diffuser attachment or you’re traveling and can’t pick on up then an alternative you can do instead is to use a colander or a strainer.

As long as it has holes on it that are big enough for a decent amount of air to get through then you can use that until you get a hold of a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer.

For those of you who don’t know diffusers are more gentle on the hair because the air is evenly distributed and not concentrated on one spot.

Deep condition in the shower

If you have curly hair then you know that deep conditioning regularly is an absolute must but sometimes you just don’t feel like going through the entire process, trust me I’ve been there.

Here’s what I like to do to save myself a little bit of time.

I get in the shower and wet my hair, making sure that all of it gets completely saturated with water. Then I take my deep conditioner and spread it all throughout my hair and I leave it in while I wash the rest of my body.

I’ll either wrap it up into a bun and put a shower cap on or leave the shower cap off and let the steam from my shower penetrate my hair shaft.

Then I detangle, shampoo and condition as normal.

Mix shampoo and conditioner or baking soda

If you want to use a cleansing conditioner on your hair but you don’t want to shell out the money for a new product then I have the perfect hack for you.

You have two options here:

You can either take your current shampoo and conditioner and mix them together.

Or you can take some of your conditioner and mix it with a little bit of baking soda and use that like you would normally use your shampoo.

I’ve tried both of these and they work pretty similarly it really depends on personal preference which one you want to use regularly.

Use your conditioner as a leave in

This is another hock for those of you who don’t want to buy extra products that you may or may not need.

You can use your current conditioner as your leave-in conditioner.

After you shampoo your hair, apply your conditioner. Then instead of rinsing it out like you normally would just leave it in and use it to style.

This hack can save you both time and money.

If you’re doing the LOC method then you can shampoo your hair and rinse it out. Then take apply your oil to your hair while it’s still wet and then use your conditioner as your cream.

Plastic wrap over the sink

Have you ever finished detangling your hair and looked down at your sink and found it covered in hair?

Yeah, that is not fun to clean up.

The trick is to lay down some plastic wrap on the area where you are going to be detangling before you start detangling your hair.

Then once you’re down detangling your hair you can just take the plastic wrap and throw it away.

No messy cleanup!

You can also buy one of the devices that go in the drain of your sink to keep it from getting clogged if any hair happens to get past the plastic wrap.

Part your hair when wet

Over time you might start to realize that your hair has a weird natural part to it. For me, my hair naturally parts down the middle. I’m pretty okay with this because my hair is very long but I know a lot of natural girls hate the middle part so I’m gonna tell you how to get rid of it.

Once you’re done in the shower, shampooing, and conditioning brush your hair towards the back so that the part disappears.

Then, using a rat tail comb, bobby pin or your finger, part your hair the way you want it to be when it’s dry.

This will start to train your hair to lay the way you want it to and it may take a few tries but it does work!

If your hair is shorter use clips to keep your hair in place.

Brow gel for frizz

Frizz is a natural part of curly hair but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways around it.

If you have some frizzy parts of your hair you want to stick down you can use some clear brow get and rake it through your hair.

It works for the hair on your face, why not the hair on your head?

Eyeshadow for ponytails

If you have a bigger forehead and you want to make it look smaller then this hack is for you.

Take some eyeshadow that is a similar color to your hair and just dust it naturally along your hairline on your forehead.

This will make the edges of your hair look fuller and will also make your forehead looks smaller

DIY curlers using paper towels

If you want to do some overnight curls but you don’t want to have to bother with bobby pins or uncomfortable rollers then I have the perfect hack for you.

Take some paper towels and fold or roll them up so they look roller-like. I usually use 15 individual paper towels to make 15 rollers for my hair.

Then just wrap your hair around the paper towel roller and tie the paper towel roller into a knot. This will keep it from coming undone while you’re sleeping.

Then just take them out in the morning and voila, perfect curls.

You can reuse these rollers too.

Use a fan to dry your hair

Most people don’t know that cold air dries hair just as good as hot air does but cold air is a lot less damaging.

If you don’t want to use heat to dry your hair you can use a regular fan to speed up the air-drying process.

Just sit in front of it and turn it to the highest setting.

It usually takes my hair about 45 minutes to an hour to dry using this method.

Wet your hair after detangling

If you want your wash and go to look good then it’s important that you re-wet your curls after you detangle them.

The water will not only allow your curls to clump up again but it will also give them more definition and shine which is a good thing especially if you want your wash and go to last for more than a day.

And that’s all the hacks I have for you today!

I know sometimes having curly hair can be a bit of a hassle but hopefully, I can help you lovely people out a little bit with these curly hair hacks.

The purpose of these hacks is to make your life easier, not harder. So if there is a hack that doesn’t work for you then don’t try and force it to work.

Take what you need and keep what works and what doesn’t work let it go and find something else that will work.

Remember, your hair rules but it shouldn’t rule you.

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