All The Products and Tools You Need To Create A Beginner Makeup Kit

Hey beauties, today we are going to go through and talk about the different makeup products and tools you will need for a beginner makeup kit.

This kit is perfect for people who are just getting started with makeup and will give you a solid foundation so you aren’t walking around Target or Sephora confused about what you need to start.

Now depending on how crazy you want to go with your makeup you may or may not need all of these tools or products but if you do then I have laid them out for you.

If you want a more in-depth expanation of the different brushes I talk about in this post then check out my post about the 9 makeup brushes you need for your makeup kit.

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Now, let’s jump into this post!

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Create a beginner makeup kit: all the tools and products you need

Beginner makeup kit


Eyelash curler

This should be used prior to putting on mascara because if you use it after you will get the product on it and if you don’t clean it properly you could risk tearing out your eyelashes which would not be fun.

Dual-sided pencil sharpener

Becuase there is nothing more disheartening than grabbing your favorite lip liner and realizing it’s not sharp enough to use and not having a sharpener on hand.

Makeup remover wipes

I know these aren’t technically a tool but they are convenient to have especially as a pre-cleanser step for your skincare routine.


There are so many makeup brushes and as a beginner, you won’t be using all of them but you should have a general idea of what they are used for so I’ll list them here for you.

Kabuki Brush

Kabuki brushes are really great because they are pretty much all-purpose brushes. You can use it for powder, liquid, blending and adding bronzer. I recommend having a kabuki brush in your makeup kit because you can use them for many different applications.

Powder brush

This is usually the biggest brush in a set. This is used for applying loose powder to your face to set your makeup. Powder brushes can vary in size and can be used for blush and bronzer as well but there are other brushes specifically for those purposes.

Blush brush

Blush brushes are a dome shape and are usually smaller than powder brushes. This brush allows for a more concentrated application which is great for blush.

Contour brush

Contour brushes have an angled shape and are perfect for carving out your cheekbones and adding highlight and bronzer.

Foundation brush

These come in different shapes and sizes and are generally used for applying liquid and cream foundations. I don’t recommend blending with these brushes, use a kabuki brush or beauty blender for that.

Fan brush

Fan brushes are great for applying highlighter and dusting off any loose powder that may fall on your face from other makeup products. I don’t normally recommend this brush for beginners because a contour brush works just fine for highlighting.

Concealer brush

These brushes are densely packed and small so they have a very precise application. These are good for applying and blending your concealer.

Fluffy brush or blending brush

If you are interested in using eyeshadow at all then I recommend you get a fluffy brush. This is the brush I use to apply most if not all of my eyeshadow. It’s great for applying and blending out your shadows.

Crease brush

This is another eyeshadow brush, it’s smaller, more densely packed and pointed at the top. This brush is used for applying shadows to your crease.

Eyeliner brush

Another brush I don’t really recommend for beginners because when you start out with eyeliner you usually go for pencil or liquid so you wouldn’t need a separate brush. However, if you use gel liner this may be more useful for you. Eyeliner brushes are very slim and fine.

Brow brush

This is a small angled brush that can be used to apply powder brow products for filling in or drawing your eyebrows.


You use the spoolie to comb out your brows and prep them for product application and for blending the product once it’s been applied.

Lip brush

Another brush I don’t think is necessary for beginners because you’ll mostly be working with lipsticks or glosses which you don’t necessarily need a brush for.


Now on the to products. Again, as a beginner, there are some products that you may not use but I will list them here in case you want to try them out.


This will prep your skin for makeup, fill your pores and create a smooth base for easy application.


Foundation will give you a nice, even skin tone and it’s important that you pick the right shade for your skin.


Concealer can be used to cover up blemishes, dark undereye circles and it can be used to highlight and contour.

Because of this, I recommend getting three concealers one that matches your skin, one that is a shade lighter and one that is a shade darker.

This is only if you want to highlight and contour your face. If you only want a concealer to conceal blemishes then you only need one that matches your skin tone.

Eyebrow pencil, pomade or powder

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and can instantly pull your face together if done correctly.

To sculpt and fill your brows you’ll need some kind of product and it really just depends on what is more comfortable for you.

I recommend beginners starting with a pencil since it’s easier to work with.


Whether you go for a cat-eye or something quick and simple, eyeliner is a great way to give your eye some definition.


Okay, this is a necessity, I don’t think I’ve ever left the house without at least slapping on some mascara. It opens up your eyes and accentuates your eye color.

Lip products

I recommend starting off with lipstick unless you are more comfortable with pencils or stains, however, there are also lip creams you can try.

For a beginner, I would say find a nude, a red and a pink lip product you love

Blush and/or bronzer

Highlighting and contouring are what cuts your face and bronzer and blush are what round it out so it’s important that you have a blush and a bronzer in your makeup kit especially if you’re going to be doing any contouring and highlighting.

Also, they’re great for bringing color back to your face so you don’t look dead after applying foundation.


I recommend investing in a good eyeshadow palette because you get what you pay for.

For a beginner try getting a palette that has a lot of neutrals (browns, taupes, mattes flesh tones) and a few colors.

The products you need in your makeup kit really depend on how much makeup you’re planning on wearing.

If you want to go for a more natural looking makeup then you might want to substitute the foundation for a CC cream or BB cream.

I like to keep all of these products on hand because I know eventually I’ll want to do a full face of makeup but by no means do I wear all of these products every day.

Well beauties that’s it for this post!

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